a11y's colour contrast tool
( a tool that scans your website for poor colour contrast which may make it difficult to read )
does the dog die
( database of emotional triggers in media )
a field guide to web accessibility
lilac lynx's responsive web guide
sadgrl.online's responsive web guide
unconsenting media
( database for whether media contains sexual assault )
wave's web accessibility tool
( another tool for scanning your website for accessibility issues, with suggestions on how to improve them )


( free 3d modeling program )
clip studio paint
( this is what i use for all my art; it even has posable 3d models built in for reference material! )
( a browser-based freeware art program with a lot of fun features )
mspaint xp
( an internet archive download for the xp version of mspaint )
open broadcasting software
( screen capture & streaming! free & easy to use )
( a frontend for emulators, keeping them all in one place. it's free and extremely easy and convenient to use! )
( free game development engine )


comparing heights
colour hunt
line of action practice tools for artists
photomosh (flashing images warning)
( a tool for some funky glitchy and retro post-processing effects on images. there's a lot of features in the free version, but the full program is pricy. )
quick poses
reference angle
sketch daily
texture town
( hundreds of royalty-free textures )
( stock photo resource )
unsplash figure drawing references
( unsplash's own dedicated collection of figure drawing references )


( various browser games and other dumb sites )
bimboland (18+)
( make a slutsona & discuss communism with other cool sluts )
( neopets guides & resources )
( everyone knows these funny guys :) )
pokemon fusion generator (gen 1 only)
( the classic pokemon fusion, exclusively first gen pokemon with a simple layout )
(another) pokemon fusion generator (but for all gens)
( this one includes all pokemon and forms, but the site is considerably uglier, unfortunately )
pokemon showdown
( in-browser pokemon battles to play with your friends! )


123 ideas for character flaws
350 character traits
638 primary personality traits
( the three above are great for fleshing out characters and making them more realistic! )
character art guide for dota 2
( goes a lot into silhouette, colour palette, and other design tips, super insightful and useful )
fantasy name generators
( generate names for various fantasy/sci-fi properties and themes! )
hero forge
( originally for creating miniatures for tabletop games you can then buy physically or for 3d printing at home, it's an excellent program for designing and building characters. it's updated with new items every week. warning!! it's extremely graphically intensive, so it won't run for everyone. )
immortal masks
( great monster/creature/fucked up guy inspiration! )
( discover the meanings behind names and their history )


the barebones guide to html
( very simple guide for html )
( a live editor which shows you css/html changes as you make them )
( huge collection of layouts, but not all neocities-compatible )
construct your css
( visually create your own css layouts and generate the code )
css gradient generator
( generate gradients for css, which you can then use for your site )
( premade layout patterns and elements in css )
html cheatsheet
( a handy reference for using html - also has links to css and js cheatsheets )
html colour codes colour picker
( pick any colour to find its values, and find harmonious colour palettes )
html colour picker
( a bit more basic than the last one, but sometimes that can be more useful )
html generator
( generate the markup for any html element, great if you're new to html )
javascript & dhtml effects
( various additional effects for your site )
( premade layouts and other useful codes )
sadgrl.online's coding resources
( various tutorials for html, css, js, and even neocities-specific help )
sadgrl.online's html cheatsheet
( a quick reference for html )
w3schools coding tutorials
( very extensive tutorials and resources for learning any coding language )
sadgrl.online's layout builder
( build a custom layout with no coding required, a great starting point )
word to html
( paste in formatted text to generate it into html )


the f plus podcast
( a podcast dedicated to internet atrocity tourism & a celebration of humanity's weirdness. frequently about the weird things british people jack off to. )
homestar runner
( homestar runner dot net ... "it's dot com!" )
the hp lovecraft archive
( all of hp lovecraft's writings available free online! he sucks, but his work is worth a read for any horror/sci fi fan. )
toynbee idea
( a documentary on the toynbee tiles )


acme label maker
( make your own label images, customise the colours and fonts, and so on )
( unicode symbols & fonts )
( free & premium fonts for download! )
( generate your own wordart in various funky styles )
glitter text maker (flashing images warning)
( make your own glittery text in many different fonts and backgrounds! )
make word art
( make old microsoft office word art )
rainbow text generator
( generate rainbow text in html )
sadgrl.online's found fonts
( a small collection of unusual and fun fonts! )
( generate animated text in many different fonts and patterns )


always proceed with caution when downloading roms and emulators!

( very in-depth wiki for pokemon )
core design fan/tribute site
( fansite for core design, the developers of the original 6 tomb raider games. packed with concept art, textures, audio, screenshots, and even fan games. )
lsd dream emulator wiki
( tons of information on the cult classic lsd dream emulator! includes download links and tutorials for setting up an emulator )
my abandonware
old games download
( the ultimate essential resource for all things pokemon! this is more focused on mechanics than bulbapedia is )


hulk hogan meat shoes
( hulk hogan meat shoes. )
random number generator
( self-explanatory :) )
roll for fantasy
( tons of tools, guides, and diy project ideas for tabletop games! )
series finale spoiler: they catch dexter
( they caught him. update: he got away. )


dunc's algomusic
( generate midi tracks )
free sounds library
( free sound effects and music )
online sequencer
( an in-browser music maker )
the sounds resource
( audio rips from video games )


88x31 button collection
( a collection of vintage 88x31 buttons sourced from various parts of the web )
88x31 button maker
( ... or you can make your own! )
99gif shop
( a huge collection of gifs )
backgrounds archive
( an archive of old tiled backgrounds )
( create your own blinkies )
blinkies cafe
( make your own blinkies )
bonnibel's graphic collection
( a collection of pixel graphics )
( a free chatbox for your site )
dazzling dollies
( really fun & pretty graphics! )
ez gif
( create & edit your own gifs )
( keyword-searchable archive of gifs, run by the internet archive! )
gradient magic
( a collection of css gradients, or you can make your own )
( horror gifs! )
internet bumper stickers
( a collection of internet bumper stickers/banners )
( a huge collection of kaomoji )
kawaii sozai graphics
( a huge directory of pixel art websites )
the models resource
( 3d model rips from video games )
pokemon sprites
( box sprites for all pokemon, including custom sprites for shinies, gender differences, etc )
( a tool to make your own polls for your website viewers )
( upload an image, and this tool will remove the background )
( make your own tiled backgrounds )
scm music player
( add a music player on your site )
the spriters resource
(sprite rips from video games)
subtle backgrounds
( free background patterns )
( a good alternative to google forms )
the textures resource
( texture rips from video games )
tiled backgrounds
( a collection of free tiled backgrounds )
web badges world
( a collection of web badges to display on your site )
( put a little kitty on your site! )