my name's Butcher, a uk-based artist!

i am primarily a digital artist, working with Clip Studio Paint and i occasionally dabble in analogue mediums such as painting and printmaking. these pieces are all mostly portraits, and occasional illustrations or pixels. as an aspiring game dev, i use Unity, Tomb Engine, and 3D model in Blender.

my work focuses on lgbt characters, horror, and romance, with occult and eldritch themes. i draw from my personal experiences of being trans, gay, and neurodivergent.

this is my personal site to showcase my artwork, share my interests and inspirations, and generally have a fun time! this is a very self-indulgent project for me, as I grew up online around the millenium, and I now miss the freedom and anonymity of that era of the web. i want to step away from the pressures of social media platforms, and simply curate a quiet little space to express myself, and welcome other likeminded individuals.

enjoy your stay!

( ps, this entire site is hand-coded, so please excuse any bugs or inconsistencies! )

( pps, i want to emphasise and stress that although i am heavily inspired by cosmic/eldritch horror, i in no way condone the heinous beliefs of hp lovecraft himself. his work has influenced me since i was a child, and nothing more. he was a shitstain of a human being and we're all glad he's dead. )