hello everyone! ♥

my name's Butcher, a uk-based artist!

i am mostly a digital artist, working in Clip Studio Paint and occasionally MSPaint XP. i dabble in analogue mediums such as painting and printmaking, too. these pieces are all mostly portraiture.

as well as that, i am an aspiring game dev, using Unity, and modeling in Blender.

my creative works focus on lgbt characters, horror, and romance, with occult and eldritch themes. i draw from my personal experiences of being trans, gay, and neurodivergent.

this is my personal site to showcase my artwork, share my interests and inspirations, and generally have a fun time! this is a very self-indulgent project for me, as I grew up online around the millenium, and I now miss the freedom and anonymity of that era of the web. i want to step away from the pressures of social media platforms, and simply curate a quiet little space to express myself, and welcome other likeminded individuals.

my interests and subject matter tend to be very horror-focused, even down to the music playing on this site, which i know is not everyone's cup of tea. so please proceed with caution!

enjoy your stay!


Q: what's with the name Butcher?

A: being online since 2002, i've always been in the habit of not sharing personal information. so i've always used aliases, and hated using my real name, even as i grew older. i don't even like sharing what part of the country i live in.
Butcher specifically was a shortened version of a username i had in 2009, and i always enjoyed the way it made me feel. fast-forward nine years, after an eternity of struggling to find a name to call myself online that felt right, i remembered Butcher... and it clicked! it's gender-affirming in a way; it's masculine-leaning but genderless, it sums up my love of horror & metal, it was a real eureka moment for me! it works as a good collective term for me and all my parts. and being nonbinary, i like using unusual names. noun-names are highly underrated!
similarly, i also briefly used names like Cadaver, Grimm, and Meat.

Q: what if i don't want to call you that?

A: i do have a revolving door of names i use besides Butcher. obviously if you know me in real life, you know my real name, and that's fine. but online i would prefer to be called Butcher, unless you know what other names i'm using privately. but if you really, really don't want to do that: Connor is okay.

Q: why make this website?

A: i don't like social media and i hate its erosions of people's privacy and dignity, everything is so commercialised and corporate. i just miss the days where everyone could freely make their own websites for whatever they wanted and make it look however they want without any pressures of social validation and having to fit specific templates. all socials i've tried have been horrendeous for my mental health. this is far more comfortable and fun! i don't know who's looking at or likes my site, i'm just doing what makes me happy! i feel far freer and safer.
and in the vein of classic old websites, this place is ugly and tacky on purpose. there used to be far more gifs in early drafts of the site, but due to this ostensibly being an art portfolio, it seemed inappropriate to use images without credit. i will instead recreate them... eventually...