hello! my name is butcher! i'm an amateur illustrator and game developer!
my artwork focuses on lgbt characters, horror, and romance; and i draw from my own experiences of being a trans, gay, and mentally ill individual.

this is my personal site to showcase my artwork, share my interests and inspirations, and generally have a fun time! this is a very self-indulgent project for me, as I grew up online around the millenium, and I now miss the freedom and anonymity of that era of the web. I want to step away from the pressures of social media platforms, and simply curate a quiet little space to express myself, and welcome other likeminded individuals.

this site is also heavily under construction, so be sure to check back often! enjoy your stay!

this website will contain flashing images, themes of horror (including gore and body horror), and non-sexual nudity.
proceed with caution; I will provide specific warnings where needed.

06/09/21 - site begun development! hello world!